• Custom Development on .NET
  • Solutions Integration
  • Data & Systems Migration
  • Load & Stress Testing
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Our biggest projects, products and services

Dedicated teams and turnkey custom solutions.
mission critical projects.

  • strong specialization in banking industry, healthcare and insurance solutions;
  • experienced project management methodology;
  • skillfully built processes;
  • big knowledge pool of the subject matter.


Core Banking System

40+ implementations
  • Integrated modules cover all banks activities
  • Optimizes works of all banks subdivisions
  • Huge system, used in 30% of banks in Ukraine
  • Used by international banks as a secondary system when working in Ukraine


Front Office Module

25+ implementations
  • Wide range of functionality to reach customer satisfaction.
  • One single web-application for covering all customer needs. 
  • Intuitive and convenient web-interface.
  • Flexibile Business Process Modeling.


Cashier’s Module

15+ implementations
  • Full range of functionality for bank’s cashiers – payments, integration with payment systems and wide range of service suppliers, currency exchange, souvenir coins, money transfers, cashier devices (TCR).
  • Effective integration with core banking systems and remote payment solutions.



Banking Modules for Desktop & Mobile

7+ implementations
  • Software modules of remote service for bank customers
  • Provide access to financial information of the client
  • Give possibility of executing a wide range of banking operations.


10+ implementations
  • Library of cryptographical transformations, based on mathematical method of elliptic curves.
  • Used for encryption and decryption of the information and calculation of the message

Infrastructure Capacity & Operational Processes Audit

52 projects

  • IT audit of current state of infrastructure, products and accounting policy of the clients.
  • Recommendations and new solutions

52 projects

Facilities Management & SPOC (single point of contacts)

43 projects

  • Remote administration and monitoring of servers and MS SQL databases.
  • Ensuring efficiency and stability of core banking systems and CRM operation.

43 projects

Hardware Sizing, Data Loading & Performance Testing

7 projects

  • Several large-scale projects realized in the sphere of data loading and performance testing of core banking systems

7 projects

Solution Outline Design & IT-Architecture Approach

23 projects

  • Quality business solution design, IT-architecture and integration for high speed changing business environment.
  • We focus information systems on business processes support.

23 projects

Platforms, Technologies & Systems

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Oracle Flexcube
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SAP
  • Midas
  • AJAX
  • Kendo UI
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Phone
  • Temenos T24
  • Telerik
  • SAS

Top requests we can fullfil

Outsourcing .NET Development

If you would like to have made-to-order product instead of ordinary off-the-shelf solutions, Lime System software developers will help you build a solution to align completely with your business aspirations, corporate procedures and internal communication processes.

That’s 160 hours of developement and 40 hours of management at a total cost of$ 30’000The app will be ready within a month after we sign the contract.

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IT-infrastructure Optimization

Lime System will join your firm to update your solution and make it lucrative and performance-boosting again by reengineering and refactoring it so that your project will match all your business goals.

That’s 320 hours of development, 40 hours of UX/UI design, and 80 hours of management at a total cost of$ 70’000The app will be ready within a month after we sign the contract.

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Hardware Migration & Modernization

Lime System custom software development team has hands-on experience in architecting robust software systems to help your business protect your users’ information and corporate data from any unlawful breaches and hacks.

That’s 160 hours of development and 40 hours of management at a total cost of$ 30’000The app will be ready within a month after we sign the contract.

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We are reliable

Outstanding mathematics background

Business processes for mission-critical projects

Strong and competent team

22+ years in financial sector

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Our Team

  • Gladkov Sergey

    Gladkov Sergey

    General Director

  • Oleg Nesterov

    Oleg Nesterov


  • Nabokov Vladimir

    Nabokov Vladimir

    VP of Development

And over 180 developers in brilliant teams for our clients.
With proven experience and appropriate certification:


Our customers

30% of Ukranian Commercial Banks
ranked by market capitalization

  • Банк Аваль#6
  • УкрГазБанк#6
  • Перший Украиньский#15
  • Universal Bank#18
  • ProCredit Bank#22
  • IндустрiалБанк#19
  • megabank#24
  • Дiамант Банк#30

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